What is ShadowShield?

In the simplest terms, ShadowShield hides your computer from would be cyber attackers

Get protected against Ransomware

Veritasr’s proprietary ShadowShield technology that ensures that you are virtually invisible online. By changing the way your server, desktop computer, or laptop connects to the internet, we can make you practically undetectable to foreign state actors, cyber criminals, and hackers.

Become invisible to hackers and guard your personal data

Hackers often try ‘knocking on doors’ (called port sniffing) looking for easy targets. These criminals use bots to see if they can easily hack into your home or business network and computers. However, when the attackers bot knock on your door, they wont hear a thing. With Veritasr’s ShadowShield technology, your computer is virtually silent and nothing more than a shadow.Because of this they’ll know your systems are hardened and secure and they’ll leave to find another easier, unprotected target. A target that does not have geoFence with our ShadowShield technology.

Block unwanted traffic and control program access to the internet

Simply put: If the attackers can’t see you, they can’t attack you.

That’s ShadowShield available in geoFence, only by Veritasr.


As a US veteran owned and operated American business, we are continuing the fight for a strong and secure America.

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