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Product Feature Comparison

geoFence: Starter
geoFence: Professional
geoFence: PATRIOT
Family & Business Protection
ShadowGuard Technology
Block Foreign Threat Actors
Block State Level Threats
Knowledge Management
Available Real-Time Updates
Windows Compatiblilty
Advanced Data Protection
Foreign Policy Data Analysis
Dark Mode for Night Use
NFCC Countries Blocked
Exclusive PATRIOT mode
Save over $20!
Install on 3 computers!
Regular $59.99
Save over $40!
Install on 5 computers!


Regular $99.99
Save over $70!
Install on 7 computers!


Regular $169.99

In America, a personal cyber-attack happens in every 39 seconds.

You know that being prepared goes far beyond defending yourself with a secure password.

You know you need to defend yourself every day.

Your life, your family, and your business is on the line.

You can already feel it.


Why do you need geoFence?

Because geoFence has features no other cybersecurity solution has!​

An interface that is easy to use and easy to maintain
No foreign owners.
No foreign influences.
The maximum security for you and your loved ones
Built in fast and accurate updates
US veteran owned and operated.
Designed and implemented by US citizens to the strictest standards

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