Global Security and Protection for you and your family

Veritasr builds you cyber security solutions for the new frontier

What will geoFence do for you?

Block State Level Threats

Bad actors can be anywhere, however through our custom built sophisticated internet data analysis algorithms we’ve found them to be concentrated in certain areas of the world.

Now you have the power to stop those bad actors.

Automatic Rapid Updates

With our multiple data centers we can get secure updates to you as soon as they are available via our automatic update service.

When there’s an shift in alliances, geoFence by Veritasr is there.

Threat Analysis

We pull data from multiple sources, including the US State Department to get accurate and timely information on foreign threat hot spots all over the world.

We pipe that information quickly and directly to you.

Keeping You Secure

Your personal data, your computer, and your family are the most valuable things in the world and you need do everything you can to protect them at all times.

geoFence by Veritasr can provide your front line defense


Social Security Fraud

Stolen Social Security numbers can lead to lost or re-directed SS payments.

Identity Theft

Your stolen identity can lead to legal trouble for you and your family.

Financial Fraud

Can be caused by stolen credit cards and hacked bank accounts. Fake car loans and false mortgages.


Criminals can blackmail or publicly shame you or your family members with your personal and private texts, photos, or videos.

Child Abuse and Soliciting

Criminals can solicit your children for the purpose of child pornography or human trafficking.


Cyber crime can lead to financial ruin and potentially threaten you and your family's reputation and personal safety.
Global Threat Intelligence:
Immediately actionable protection providing invaluable insights and context, for your security
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Knowledge Management:
Security applications designed to help grow your organization's in-house expertise and awareness in every aspect of cybersecurity
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Security Assessment:
Expert-level security analysis and cutting-edge research working together to protect your information systems, regardless of complexity, in real-world environments
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