Why is cybersecurity important to women?

  The events of this year around International Women’s Day, like the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements and the scrutiny of sexual politics, have revealed that cyber-attacks and misogyny by private organisations have a very real impact on women. A recent report, conducted by digital security vendor Rapid7, found that the majority of 79 global […]

Protect your kids from cyberbullying

  Anonymity has always been one of the great benefits of the Internet. But it also could very well be an asset for those who choose to ignore the rules. The internet is riddled with cyberbullying, with social networking sites enabling some of the most extreme shaming of those who do not conform to a […]

Protecting your children from cybercriminals

  To protect children and adults from cybercriminals, awareness is essential. There are several steps you can take to ensure a better understanding of the risks and how to protect yourself. 1. Protection – learn and be aware: Be aware of the risks that are presented online. Bear in mind that even children are victims […]

Protecting your family from cybercriminals

  Assets are usually the first thing to go when a company or a family loses money during a crisis. It is one of the first concerns families have when it comes to protecting their loved ones from fraud. Presently, three million families have reported that they have been affected by cybercrime. Millions of others […]

Is data privacy is important to Americans?

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Protecting your data Americans are looking at new ways to protect their personal data and secure their information from hackers. camDown can help by allowing you to temporarily disable your webcam and protect your family. Here are a few trends we’re seeing as businesses and consumers develop their data protection strategies: Consumers are looking at […]

Kids and online safety

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The effects of the digital age are only just beginning to be felt, and they are already having a far-reaching impact on our children and society. A recent article in the Washington Post gave a glimpse into how this new world is affecting children. The article discusses the use of online video games and social […]

Cyber-bullying & Online Safety

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The failure of the authorities to address the issues surrounding the internet, particularly the cyber space, is a serious problem. While children and youth are always encouraged to have an active social life on the internet, they must also be encouraged to be mindful of the repercussions of their actions and actions of others. While […]

How is online privacy important?

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Many of us have used the internet to research jobs, make purchases, or even just search for information on family members. We do not want our personal information to be used to make decisions about us. Disabling your webcam with camDown will also help. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who have information that […]

How to Disable Your Windows Webcam

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Disable Windows webcam and privacy Microsoft Windows doesn’t always allow you to control the webcam the way you want and may enable your webcam even if you don’t want it enabled. This is why we created camDown. To allow you to temporarily disable your laptop camera or webcam in one click With that in mind, […]

You wont believe the truth about VPNs!

You wont believe the truth about VPNs! You’re likely reading this because you’ve asked what VPN service to use, and this is the honest answer. Keep in mind that you may need a VPN for work related communications. That type of VPN is not what is being discussed here. We are discussing the VPN services […]