How to use camDown

How to use camDown

Starting from the Home Screen
As you can see the application's icon-based buttons are laid out vertically.

In order, the 4 icon-based buttons are:

Home: Where you start in camDown.

Action: Where the webcam can be enabled/disabled.

Settings: Where you can customize how camDown functions.

About: Information about camDown and Veritasr.

To get started, please click or tap on the Action icon that looks like a webcam

Home Screen
The Action Screen
Use the blue switches to enable or disable your webcams as needed

The moving blue dots represent the time the actions you requested take to complete


To change whether or not your webcam(s) are enabled or disabled, just click on the switch.
If you have a touch screen device you can also tap on the switch with your finger or stylus!

Action Screen
camDown Unprotected
GREEN & RED means at least one webcam is ENABLED or ON.

Green and red means you are NOT secured.

Be aware that GREEN & RED means hackers and cyber criminals could still access your webcam!

UNPROTECTED: Only one webcam is disabled
camDown Unprotected
ALL GREEN means all webcams are ENABLED or ON.

Green means you can use your webcam(s) in Zoom, Duo, Hangouts, where ever you want.

Be aware that GREEN means hackers and cyber criminals could access your webcam too!

UNPROTECTED: All webcams are enabled
camDown Protected
ALL RED means all webcams are DISABLED or OFF.

Red means you cannot use the webcam in Zoom, Duo, Hangouts, or anywhere until you re-enable it.

Remember that RED means hackers and cyber criminals are NOT able access your webcam

You are in control of your webcam and you are secure!

PROTECTED: All webcams are disabled

How to Register camDown

camDown Registration or the Licensing screen:
In the field named License Key (with a red box around it), enter the license key you received in your email
and then click the button that says REGISTER. That's it, you've registered your copy of camDown!

If you need to get a license key, just go to!

Registration Screen

That's it!

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How to use camDown

Get Safe. Get Secure.

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