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Disable your webcam for privacy and block hackers from accessing your webcam.

Use camDown to protect your privacy!

Veritasr’s camDown is cyber-security software that is focused on protecting your privacy and blocking cyber-criminals from accessing your webcam.Many people try to protect themselves by simply putting a piece of tape over their webcam; this is unattractive and only somewhat effective.By taking back control and disabling your webcam you can prevent malware from taking control of your camera and you can stop cyber-criminals from spying on you and your family.So if you have children or you  are a digital worker who spends time on a computer, you should take action now and stop your webcam from being “ON” all the time with camDown.Get your FREE version of camDown right now!



Easily block or disable your cameras and webcam with just a click of a button!


Super friendly, easy to to use User Interface, just click and be protected. Click again to re-enable!


Protect you, your family, and your business. Secure your privacy by keeping your webcam offline when you need it off.


You won't have to worry about cyber criminals accessing your webcam or cameras because YOU control the access to the camera.

What Makes Us Different?

Environmentally friendly

We build efficient and fast software with low CPU and RAM usage giving you the best in class for both speed and security.

Privacy Oriented

Everything we do is about privacy and security. Our goal is to help protect you, your family, and your business when you are online.

Certified & Experienced

With years of experience and multiple accreditations from Microsoft, Sectigo, CompTIA, and more, we have what it takes.

customer satisfaction

We are here for you, call, text, or email us with any questions you might have.

The power to protect yourself

With just a single click, your webcam will be completely disabled, until YOU decide to re-enable it. camDown is more than just a new cyber safety product –camDown is the uncompromising solution that secures your Windows 10 and 11 based computer.

What camDown Users Say

Our teen daughter has her own personal laptop and we use camDown to disable her webcam so she can't accidentally share revealing photos or videos with boys.

Jeni P.
My 13 year old granddaughter has her own computer in her room. When she is visiting, I use camDown to make sure no creepy pedophiles can watch her in her bedroom.

S. Cromwell
I am an landscape architect who works from home and my bedroom is visible from my home office, I use camDown to ensure my privacy at night.

S. N.

Get Secure. Get Safe. Get camDown.

Disabling your webcam can prevent malware from taking control of your camera and can stop cyber-criminals from spying on you and your family.

As a US veteran owned and operated American business, we are continuing the fight for a strong and secure America.

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